Alita Systems LLC have extensive experience in creating innovative technology solutions in the travel and transportation industries. With a combined experience of over 28 years in solving issues regarding fleet mobility on tolled highways and bridges, reducing expenses related to fleet vehicles and other third-party operated vehicles, Alita Systems, LLC is creating an evolution in the way fleet managers manage the expenses relating to fleet vehicles.

At Alita Systems, we provide software development services, customer service and support services to assist fleet professionals in reducing or eliminating the costs associated in dealing with fleet vehicle-based violations and expenses.


Proactive Tolling Expense Control Solutions for Your Fleet

Handling and Resolution of Paper Based Violation Expenses

Transponder /Toll Pass, or video tolling solutions

Title and MSO Digitization Services

Transponder/Toll Pass Management Services

Custom Software Development Services

Asset Tracking and Deployment Services

Assistance in Development of Automated Billing Services

Violation Expense Management and Resolution Services

Managed over
6m vehicles
Processed over
100m tolls
USA and Canada


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At Alita Systems, we specialize in creating customized solutions for your company’s unique needs and challenges. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and targeted to your specific needs. Alita Systems knows that each fleet and fleet manager can have a unique set of challenges and that fleet managers want and need the flexibility to adapt our solutions to their own company’s platforms.

Alita Systems integrates directly with the various agencies/issuers so there is no third-party software.

With Alita you can say goodbye to third party billing. Alita Systems can create custom billing and invoicing for your company, and you can bill your own customers, through your current billing system.

Alita Systems software can be installed in your premises, or your own AWS, Azure and IBM clouds.

The Alita Systems solutions can do just that. With customizable interfaces, multiple platform integration capability, and cloud-based solutions, Alita Systems can work directly with your team to create the best solution for your needs.

Alita Systems is a cloud-based SAAs platform built for expense management for the fleets’ tolling, tolling violation, toll pass issuance and inventory, digitization of title management as well as a host of other expenses related to fleet vehicles.

With Alita Systems, you own your data. No need to share your customer specific information with a third party.

Working with Alita comes with years of consulting experience that reduces, eliminates and can settle with the issuer’s fines, fees and other fleet related expenses for your company.


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